16 things to know before Hiring a Good Lighting Designer

It’s dark in here. Music please. An air of celebration and festival is all around. Here’s a stadium packed with millions of people who are all waving the flash lights of their smartphones and enjoying the best day of their life. Who knew that light would be loved so much by all of us. Little could he have thought while sitting quietly in his cozy room, that this magical spark on tungsten will give birth to a world changing invention. That was his AHA moment in January of 1879, when Thomas Edison must have got happy tears for finally inventing the light bulb. This light bulb inspired so many innovations across the world and an all-new industry stood up, that found amazing ways to use them.

Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the first ever blog of Apta Lighting Design Studio. This blog becomes all the more special for us because today we will treat you with 16 sweet reasons that will help you make one of the best decisions of your lifetime- HIRING A GOOD LIGHTING DESIGNER

While Top Interior Designers and Architects have gifted out-of-the-world designs to our planet, it’s only now that Lighting Designers are in high demand for breathing life into these spaces. So, whether you are planning for a posh resort or a vibrant office space or even for a lovely home, a seasoned lighting designer will be always available to share the best design tips with you. Now it’s time to buckle up our seats, as the joyride is here. Come let’s vroom towards the reasons that reveal the importance of hiring lighting designers.

Sense of sight

Good and smart lighting helps expand the visual perception of a space. Plus, it makes a pretty good impression by enhancing the visual appeal of cozy spaces. Only an expert eye can spot these gaps and fill them fast.

Improves the Mood

Lighting Design oozes special vibes of positivity and emotions that make occupants feel good while living in a space. This helps boost productivity and well being by choosing the right set of lights that have either warm or cool intensity.

Brings up the beauty of architecture

Outdoor facade lighting has gained an all-new role in showing the beauty of architecture. And when it’s about showing special features of antiques and heritage spaces, Lighting Design gains prime attention of property owners. Architecture has now given special recognition to outdoor lighting designers.

Appreciates Value

A resort, hotel or a shopping mall goes on to stay long in your memory, just because of their features that attracted them to you on first sight. This is made possible because of lighting that accentuates the property and shoots up the valuation of that geography on property markets. A well-lit space will always draw more people because of perceived security and developments.

Breathes life into color scheme

To make your spaces truly unique, Lighting Designers deploy 3 types of lighting that take care of the colors- Ambient, Accents and Task lights. And even beyond this, sometimes a business needs particular colors that suits their branding across all their stores and offices. That’s exactly where Lighting Designers will help with shades and hues that make people recall a particular brand.

Brings more business

Good visibility brings more footfalls and it even turns those leads into customers, who then spread a positive word of mouth about a business space. Proper lighting upon your products and the whole look and feel of your space will always attract more clients to you. After all, Lighting Design is an investment that keeps you paying well over a very long time.

Energy Savings

Rather than abruptly bringing in shiny lighting fixtures, you must value your money and get expert advise on what combination of lights will help you save money. A good lighting designer will even go a step further to install high quality lighting dimmers that give you the control to regulate your own lightnings.

Socio-cultural and lifestyle trends

Studying the lifestyle of a local populace and their common cultural habits, helps align the lighting plan in sync with their special needs. At some large-scale projects commissioned by Apta, the clients even shared special briefing on how they wanted lights to brighten up the paths and objects that hold special bond with their family.

Urban Spaces

Cities are booming with the growth of real estate markets. With growth comes responsibility of using resources wisely. Lighting Designers play a special role by reducing light pollution, reducing glares and over lighting. They’ll always prepare lighting plans that help you to ensure compliance with government regulations on power usage.

Tests and Research

As part of our best practices at Apta, our teams perform various lighting tests during morning, evening and night, and assesses this data. Moreover, our lighting designers also study the Skyline and lighting of nearby structures. Apta’s very well laid out process takes into account Floor Space, Height and other measurements that reveal the exact dimensions of a space.

Blends Science and Art

Lighting Designers have a strong grip over the working concepts of illumination, intensity and visual perception. And they use all of these to design luminaries that lend an artistic beauty to your spaces.

Creative Uses of Light

A good lighting designer will always come up with offbeat ways while playing tests upon walls and passages that either absorb light or reflect them or even scatter them. So, it’s also about keeping existing structures intact while reworking on the lighting plan of a project.

Light Analysis

Each and every positioning of light is backed by precise calculations. This is made possible only by running multiple tests on simulation software and heat mapping of an area. That’s where you need lighting experts who can propose various different lighting schemes that go well with the location of your space.

Smart Positioning

All the spaces serve a purpose and that’s why there are special spots that need to glow bright and balance out with overall lighting. For instance, offices need more productivity, so they need positioning of light upon dedicated workspaces. Whereas public spaces need right placement of lights on paths that make it super easy for commuters to find their ways.

Integrates with Natural Light

Skylights and daylights serve plenty of natural light to your spaces. That’s why you always need to make maximum use of these natural sources that compliment your investment in lighting fixtures. But directing natural lights into your spaces is again a task that will be perfectly executed only by an expert lighting designer.

Customization (Value for money)

Your local markets will offer you a thousand options. Even some contractors and designers will suggest you to buy certain types of lights from a particular brand or showroom. But getting a lighting designer on board will give you the freedom to get a customized lighting fixture, that’s specially designed as per your spaces and budget.